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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Exciting news!

In the near future, PeakOilDesign will be transferring to a new site with a lot more functionality! I hope to make the switch within a week, so stay tuned for the link to the new site. In the meantime, here's a teaser from the "How to use this site" document:

PeakOilDesign contains several tools to aid in developing post-Peak Oil communities. The front page features the original PeakOilDesign blog, used to present Systems Engineering design strategies for Peak Oil, sustainability news, updates on design projects, and other relevant thoughts. Feel free to write comments in response to the posts or other commenters.

The Community Organization Forums provide an opportunity for people to communicate with one another in an attempt to build communities. Users can provide detailed information about their skills and resources (via their user profile) and look for compatible communities. Established communities can provide information about themselves and run their own forums -- either to discuss internal issues or recruit new members.

The Guilds enable experts within a given field to share their information with the less experienced or discuss advanced topics with one another. Newbies and experts alike can share their experiences, failures, and successes.

Registered users have the option of starting their own blogs on PeakOilDesign. These can be used to share projects, ideas, or concerns. POD Blogs are an ideal place for discussing the design of your house, garden, or community and receive feedback from the POD community.


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