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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Newfound sites

I've come across some sites in the past week with some very encouraging information and strategies. Oil, be Seeing You by author Richard Embleton takes a view remarkably similar to my own regarding the best approaches to mitigating Peak Oil effects. An excerpt:

I am not one who believes that survival, other than for a very few, consists of rugged individual survivalism on an isolated homestead in the midst of the wilderness or in reverting to a hunter-gatherer existence. We are social beings. Long-term survivability after energy decline must center on community, whatever form that community might take. The survivability of communities well past peak-oil, however, is far more than a case of self-sufficiency. It is also a matter of self-reliance, of having within the community the full measure of skills needed for survivability, of being able to produce or locally acquire everything that that community needs to function.

To that end, EcoSherpa has a post on solar panels made from blueberries. The site in general contains a number of excellent posts and really serves as a news source for edge-of-the-envelope sustainability news. They also link to a new site that could be promising, The Better World Homepage. I'd love to see how this one develops.


At 12:50 AM, Anonymous jeff said...

And solar panels from spinach:

Oil, be Seeing You, nice blog. He has some intriguing insights for peak-oilers regarding hurdles, mainstream thinking and policy.

At 12:01 AM, Anonymous jeff said...

I found this at Check out this bill Oregon tried passing into law:

Among other things, it would have made it an act of terrorism, punishable by life in prison, to "disrupt commerce".

Should laws like these come into affect, it could add one more hurdle to those trying to build self-sustaining communities that participate only minimally in the economy. This isn't closely related to the theme here at Peak Oil Design, but with all our eyes on the future, things like this should be a reminder that we shouldn't focus to narrowly.

At 12:03 AM, Anonymous jeff said...

It appears links don't wrap in here in the comments section, past together the link.

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