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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Conservation tips

I recently came across a great website called Blue Girl, Red State with some excellent perspective on sustainability and environmental issues. They recently posted a collection of conservation tips I thought I'd share here.

An excerpt from the post:

If everyone would run their electronics through a zip-strip and flip that switch off when the electronics are not in use, it would save a tremendous amount of energy, at both the micro and macro levels. While we are making modest adjustments that are capable of having a huge impact: Never purchase another incandescent lightbulb for as long as you live. Buy the flourescent bulbs that are all the rage. They aren't a fad - I've been using them since the early 90's, when they first came out and cost through the nose. Now my light company is paying a rebate on the purchase of them in the form of credit on your monthly bill. Total cost after KCP&L subsidizes the purchase: $.99 - and you will save that much in three months time in saved energy consumed by each bulb. When you buy a new TV, get an LCD; skip the power-suckin' Plasmas and CRTs.


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